Senior Property Manager (SPM)


To carry out high performance SPM duties to ensure the success of our clients, to drive our collective Core Focus of making properties better and to improve the quality of life.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Carry out SPM all job duties in alignment with MDL written procedures
  • Expected Physical Property Outcomes:
    • Conduct physical property inspections for safety, soundness, and cosmetic property inspections a minimum of one time per week (unless directed otherwise) for assigned portfolio
    • Consistently ensure pristine property curb appeal for assigned portfolio
    • Conduct monthly property vacancy inspections, ensuring all vacancies are free of any dirt/debris/hazards (ex. Door sweep dirt, water leaks/broken locks/windows/forced entry) Ensure vacant utilities are not inadvertently utilized (ex. A/C running, lights on)
    • Consistently hold third party property vendors accountable to service performance, at competitive prices
    • Conduct onsite property inspection meetings with vendors, a minimum of two times per year
    • Identify and recommend any operational efficiencies, cost reductions, and leasing improvements for assigned portfolio to Landlord
    • Conduct on-site Tenant visits, a minimum of two times per year, for all Tenants in assigned portfolio
    • Conduct semi-annual MDL Property Inspection Report (Due by April 30 & September 30)
  • Expected Financial Related Activities:
    • Consistently reviews and approves monthly financials, annual budgets, mid-year budgets, and CAM reconciliations
    • Consistently approve property invoices no less than three times per week
    • Conduct monthly A/R collections inquiries by telephone, followed by email for outstanding balances of assigned portfolio (Start by 7th & continue throughout the month)
    • Consistently meet monthly Executive Summary deadlines (Due by the 10th / Accruals 20th)
    • Consistently meet monthly pre-posting deadline (Due by 20th)
    • Consistently meet Annual Budget, Mid-Year Reforecast, and CAM Reconciliation deadlines, as set by department head
  • Other Expected Outcomes:
    • Participates as department resource for all operational questions, in the absence of Director of Property Management
    • Conducts employee selection and staff training with Director of Property Management
    • Expected to manage large portfolio of properties, with a team of Administrative Assistants and engagement of Assistant Property Manager
    • Determine Landlord property operations philosophy and boundaries of ownership expectations
    • Engage in regular property updates with Landlords of assigned portfolio
    • Participate in the training of new hire and onboarding new staff
    • Re-training of staff to get quality control higher, in alignment with the Director of Ops role
      • Duties Owed enforcement
      • Lease Amendment are proficiently produced
    • Performance management, tying into Catalytic Coaching
    • Efficiently staff is utilizing the personal development funds
    • Conduct training meetings / learning secession with staff to implement new policies, procedures and to revisit and reenforce existing policies and procedures
    • Supervises Administrative Assistant Support role (“AAS”)
    • Conducts annual catalytic coaching with AAS
    • Conducts monthly development meetings with AAS
    • Consistently provides resources to AAS for on going learning and development
    • Ensures the use of AAS consistent and effective use across the department
    • PTO approval in the absence of Director of Property Management
    • Conduct Tenant Eviction process and/or attend Eviction Court hearings, as directed by Landlord
    • Conduct monthly lease expiration review and/or negotiations six months property to lease expiration (unless directed otherwise), for all Tenants in assigned portfolio and complete and/or delegate preparation of Lease Amendments
    • Conduct Catalytic Coaching with your support team member(s) annually
    • Conduct daily monitoring of Asana workflow with AA, per written procedure
    • Conduct monthly development meetings with your support team
    • Conduct and oversee miscellaneous projects, based on property needs
    • Consistently delegate and supervision delegation to support team members tasks and workflow
    • Conduct daily activity planning, daily accountability book ends, and task/workflow management
    • Suggest ideas to make the SPM department more effective, and ask the following questions:
      • What are your biggest successes/challenges to day-to-day operations of your portfolio?
      • What procedures need modifications or updates?
      • What feedback have you received from Landlords/Tenants/Vendors?
      • What ides do you have for the overall good of the organization?

CORE Competencies:

  • Proficient in Yardi, Microsoft Office Suite, Asana and should have exceptional grammatical writing abilities for emails and letters
  • Has strong understanding of the various types of commercial leases, operating expenses, use restrictions, zoning issues, hazardous waste removal, use permits, and general awareness of industrial, office and retail properties
  • Ability to distinguish between important and trivial tasks
  • Ability to carry out laser focus concentration on tasks at hand and tune out distractions
  • Ability to carry out time management discipline
    • Must consistently hit goals, timelines, deadlines, and fulfill promises
  • Highly effective organization
    • Working in systems to find what you want, when you want it, and can quickly locate information needed to support daily activities
  • Highly effective commitment to teamwork
  • Highly effective listening / inquiry mindset
    • Ask qualifying questions, listen to the words, follow directions and not afraid to take on new challenges, keep an open mind, empathize with speaker, provide feedback
  • Highly effective working relationships and connection with other staff members
  • Demonstrates high level of initiative and self-direction
  • Demonstrates intellectual curiosity and invests in personal development
  • Has a willingness to accept feedback to develop performance
  • Has a Positive Mindset
    • Right attitude, good energy, look to the bright side and deal with issues effectively/constructively
CORE Values:

·         Integrity

·         Professionalism

·         Pride of Ownership


·         Community

·         Family

·         Gratitude


  • Bachelor degree preferred or equivalent real estate experience
  • 5+ years of Property Management experience preferred
  • Nevada Real Estate License & PM Permit Required

Work Environment/Notes:

  • Job involves in-office work hours Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 5:00pm; Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm
  • Exceptional employee benefits – compensation to be discussed depending on experience
  • Pay range: $75,000 – $90,000 yearly
  • Commissions
  • Annual Bonus

Please send your resume to ccline-ong@mdlgroup.com & rperkins@mdlgroup.com.

  • Max. file size: 50 MB.