Carol’s Corner – September 2017

September 22, 2017
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One of the things I am committed to this year is staying connected with people that I value. Every quarter I am sharing things that I find meaningful, stimulating, and encouraging.

Heavy on the Heart

Hurricane Harvey
 and the devastation it caused in so many areas have shaken the core of humanity.  The news feeds, pictures and reports are heartbreaking to say the least.  However, I am continually reminded that what dishes out the worst can bring out the best.  Kindness, compassion, charity and gratitude are all UNBELIEVABLE neutralizers and healers.   #hellohumankindness!

Do you know about Podcasts

OMG, the subject matter is diverse beyond what I could have ever imagined.  If you are, like me, a fan of TedTalks, give Podcasts a try.  The material is equally stimulating.  The experience has broadened my horizons, stretched my mind and exposed me to things that are enlightening, encouraging, informative and/or simply entertaining. Here are two examples:

The Tim Ferris Show episode #241 with guest 
Esther Perel was a hoot!  The title is “The Relationship Episode.” I was certainly “enlightened” when they discussed modern day practices for open marriages. At one point in the discussion Tim shared a report card strategy he’d heard about from a friend, where the wife will grade her husband (1-10 scale) on a quarterly basis based on different categories such as: Provider, Lover, Father, and Husband. He’s allowed to have a low score in any category as long as his average stays above the agreed to number. Hmmmm. Okay.

The James Altucher Show #248 with guest Noah Kagan was on a totally different spectrum. There were so many things they talked about in this show. However, two concepts that really resonated with me were how easy it is to make someone else’s day. For example, tipping a waiter or waitress more than 20% is likely not going to affect your finances negatively, but it would mean the world to them and would make their day. The second thought is related. That if you are having a crappy day, focus on making someone else’s day better, and you will also feel better.

A Quote I am Pondering

Practicing Patience to let the Process Play its Part.

Carol Cline-Ong is the CEO and Co-Founder of MDL Group. Her down to earth approach, and unwavering integrity, are the foundation principals attributable to MDL Group’s continuous growth.

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