Takeaways – Life Lessons Learned from Running – Soundtracks That Move You – Part 5

June 28, 2021
Blurry picture of person running and listening to a music soundtrack.

By: Hayim Mizrachi, CCIM – President | Principal | Broker

This is the fifth Daily Thought! in a series about how running correlates to life and success.

What is playing on your Soundtrack??

Better question – who is playing on your Soundtrack???

There is irrefutable evidence that music has positive physical and psychological effects on performance.

It’s easy to set the right station when you run or go to the next song if the one playing is not moving you like you want to be moving.

But what about the Soundtrack of your life? Who selects that music? How can you change the song if the one that’s playing isn’t serving you?

Let’s explore…

There are three “stations” that play the music of your life.

Your parents.

I’ve learned that so much of what I do, say, and believe was programmed into me at a young age by my parents. Whether I like that idea or not, it’s true.

Their tune, their lyrics, their genre of life, and their success hold an incredible influence on me still.

Like anything else, there are tracks my parents played that are good and productive for me always.

And I have accepted that there are songs my parents played that I need to purge from my playlist because they aren’t taking me where I need to go.

Your friends or those closest to you.

This one is a bit more subtle but just as influential.

While growing up we spent more time with our parents than anyone else.

Now we spend more time around our friends and close associates than anyone else.

It was sometime around college that I realized how important my friends are in influencing my success.

The music I heard from them about ambition, optimism, and personal responsibility was vital.

So much so, that I filtered ‘friends’ whose tunes were apathetic, negative, and entitled.

I am really not trying to hear any of that kind of music in my life’s Soundtrack.

Your own internal tape.

The most controlling of the three because this track plays when all the others are silent.

This is the track that we believe more than any other.

It is by far the most powerful.

However, just like the other Soundtracks, you can actually decide what kind of music is playing.

It takes practice to recognize when a negative song is playing in your own mind.

It takes courage to believe it… but you can change the lyrics in your own mind.

You can even change the channel!

Let’s go with more Eye of the Tiger type tunes and much less of  Hurt!! 😃 😃

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