Takeaways – Life Lessons Learned from Running – Where do You Put the Tired – Part 3

May 24, 2021
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By: Hayim Mizrachi, CCIM – President | Principal | Broker

This is the third Daily Thought! in a series about how life and success are very much like running.

You’ve decided to be successful in the same way I decided that I am a runner.

It’s your identity.

You are on the journey of success in the same way that I am on a run.

But where will you put the tired?

That question comes from author and marketer, Seth Godin.

Seth says, “You wouldn’t say to a running coach, ‘help me finish a marathon without getting tired’. Because everyone knows you can’t run a marathon without getting tired.”

Just like everyone knows that meaningful success is difficult. It takes sacrifice. Discipline.

Seth continues, “The act of being a Professional is not to do everything when and how we want to. The act of being a Professional is to do it despite the fact that it’s difficult or we’re tired.”

Next post, we’ll talk about where to put the tired.

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