Takeaways Podcast – Episode 14 – Jarrad Katz

September 05, 2018
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I am blessed to be around remarkable people. There are always Takeaways to learn. That is what I am sharing on this podcast.

Takeaways – Life. Lessons. Learned. explores learning from the wisdom of others.

Jarrad Katz is one of the most decorated commercial real estate professionals in the Las Vegas market. He is currently Senior Vice President | Principal of MDL Group, served as Past President of the Southern Nevada CCIM Chapter, and is President Elect of the SIOR Southern Nevada Chapter. Jarrad earned his CCIM Designation in 2010 and SIOR Designation in 2014 making him one of only 11 professionals in Las Vegas to have both designations. Those are some of his professional accomplishments. Wait until we unpack everything he accomplishes in his personal life!

In Episode 12 of the Takeaways Podcast, Angelica Lopez shared how Jarrad and his wife Amy moved her in to their home while Angelica was escaping an abusive relationship. They potentially put themselves and their newborn daughter in danger to help a friend. Amy and Jarrad didn’t even talk about it. They just did it! Those of us who know Jarrad aren’t surprised by something like this. In a tight-knit group of friends, Jarrad usually sets the standard of friendship. He grew up modestly economically but rich with time and attention. At an early age he experienced the loss of a close friend, JJ. It’s apparent how much this shaped who Jarrad has become.

What can you learn from a person like Jarrad and his approach to life? Here are just a few of the Takeaways that we discussed on this episode.

  • Why worry and regret are a waste of energy.
  • How you should seek to be great at a couple of things, and not be just OK at many things.
  • Friendship doesn’t have to be a two-way street. You can do more for your friends than they do for you!

I hope you enjoy!

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