Takeaways Podcast – Episode 3 – Lieutenant Dori Koren

February 07, 2018
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I am blessed to be around remarkable people. There are always Takeaways to learn. That is what I am sharing on this podcast.

Takeaways – Life. Lessons. Learned. explores learning from the wisdom of others.

Dori Koren is a Police Lieutenant with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Dori joined the force while still in college. He promoted to Detective at the youngest possible age. He was the youngest Sargent on the force and is now the youngest Lieutenant.  His section is called Technical Operations, which is responsible for deploying advanced technologies to combat crime and terrorism. They get to play with stuff like gunshot detection and facial recognition technology.

In every category that he engages, Dori sets out to break the mold, and to defy the odds. Here are just a few of the Takeaways that we discussed on this episode.

  • What gives someone that type of drive and ambition?
  • What does it mean to be “forward leaning”?
  • Why is commitment to family so important?

On a personal note, have you ever met someone that made you realize that you can dig deeper than you currently are? Someone that made you feel like the best effort that you give is not all that you are capable of giving. That someone for me is Dori. From the first time he taught me a step routine, to the many speeches and essays we wrote together, Dori inspired me to hold myself to a higher standard.

And it’s not just me. Anyone who holds company with Dori pursues and achieves more than what they did before. But Dori doesn’t get the credit for this. Not all of it anyway. Listen in to hear a remarkable story of defying the odds, breaking the mold and establishing a foundation for everyone to follow… and I’m not just talking about Dori doing those things.

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