Takeaways Podcast – S2:E27 – NAIOP June Program: So Much Going On How To Keep Track

June 24, 2019
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We were on site at the SOUTHERN NEVADA NAIOP June Program. The title was So Much Going On How To Keep Track – a Submarket Update

SHAWN DANOSKI and I discuss our Takeaways from this program.

The moderator was Donny Perach – Vice President, Valtus Capital Group

The panelists included:

  • Gina Gavan – Chief Innovation Officer Director, Economic & Business Development
    City of North Las Vegas
  • Ken Chapa – Interim Director – Office of Economic Development & Tourism
    City of Henderson
  • Bill Arent – Director – Economic & Urban Development
    City of Las Vegas 

In 2008 Charles Prince was named by Fortune magazine as on of the economic leaders who didn’t see the financial crisis coming. He was CEO of Citigroup, which at the time, was a major provider of financing for leveraged buyouts. He infamously told The Financial Times, “as long as the music is playing, you’ve got to get up and dance.” What a great quote to use to open this program. It not only sets the tone of all the activity in Southern Nevada today, but strikes the chords of irony, reminding us how deeply this community suffered just a few years ago.

These days it appears that Southern Nevada is in full recovery. There is a pipeline of activity ranging from catalyst projects, new hotels, infrastructure renovations to master-planning new communities to be developed 7-10 years from now. This was a robust program where the panelists not only talked about how much is going on now, but what is next!

What were some of our Takeaways?

• What is driving all of the growth in each City?
• How did each panelist answer when asked to share a “heard-it-at-NAIOP-first” announcement?
• Where would each of the panelists invest $10 million in their respective Cities?

I hope you enjoy!

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