Takeaways Podcast – S2:E28 – NAIOP July Program: What’s in Your Pipeline

July 30, 2019
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We were on site at the SOUTHERN NEVADA NAIOP July Program. The title was What’s in Your Pipeline, The next 6-24 months in Construction, Development and Brokerage.

SHAWN DANOSKI and I discuss our Takeaways from this program.

I had the pleasure of moderating!

The panelists included:

Show me where you spend your time… and I’ll tell you what you worship! – John Wimber

Ask anyone in Southern Nevada today “how’s the market”, and you’ll get a one word answer… “busy!” Looking to understand what specifically is keeping contractors, developers, and brokers busy was the pursuit of this program.

If you were at the program you got a special treat. In addition to the market insights shared by the panelists, Doug shared wisdom’s from Carl Panattoni. You can find some of them here.

What were some of our Takeaways?

• How far out is the collective pipeline currently booked?
• What is being built that hasn’t been built for over 10 years?
• What is the biggest threat, most exciting and biggest opportunity in the panelists’ respective pipelines?

I hope you enjoy!

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