Takeaways Podcast – S5:E53 – NAIOP March Program: Southern Nevada Winning Business: Real Talk about Economic Development

June 13, 2022
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Every month, NAIOP hosts a breakfast panel featuring experts and community leaders. This month, the focus is economic development and commercial real estate in Nevada. After a brief intro of the program that I recorded, you will hear the panelists themselves and the program in its entirety! I hope you enjoy!

Commercial Real Estate and Economic Development

To kick off the panel, Tina Quigley, President and CEO of the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance, shares a story about sunglasses. After trying on a pair of sunglasses that she liked, she decided to settle on the less expensive pair⁠—talking herself out of the better ones. Her friend lovingly called her out, acknowledging that she is BETTER than that.  

Southern Nevada is at a point where we are attracting businesses and jobs from all over the country and the world, and some of those jobs simply because we are less expensive than other states. We must begin to ask ourselves if we want all of the leftover jobs, or if we want to strive for something more. Are the jobs we’re attracting going to help propel our community toward economic prosperity? In this month’s breakfast panel, we talk through the economic challenges and opportunities facing Southern Nevada commercial real estate today.  

The collaborative opportunities available between the commercial real estate (CRE) sector, specifically NAIOP of Southern Nevada and the economic development agencies in southern Nevada are real. Nevada is still seeing the real estate boom playout. Both the leadership in NAIOP and LVGEA have a lot to gain by working together. This panel showcased how recognizing those advantages and capitalizing on the right ones will be a game-changer for Southern Nevada.

NAIOP March Speakers

Mathias Hughes, Vice President – Investment Officer of Prologis

Tina Quigley, President & CEO of the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA)

John Matthew Stater (Moderator), Research Manager of Colliers International.

The sponsor for the March NAIOP breakfast was SR Construction!

Key Takeaways: CME and the Economy 

Here are some of the key Takeaways from the March NAIOP breakfast:

  • Where do NAIOP Southern Nevada and LVGEA intersect when it comes to economic development?
  • How do we take advantage of recent opportunities for diversification?
  • What is driving the boom in industrial and does southern Nevada have natural advantages to attract companies?
  • What industries are being targeted by LVGEA?
  • How do areas like education and housing impact CRE and diversification?

I hope you enjoy!

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