Takeaways Podcast – S2:E29 – NAIOP August Program: What Happens in Carson City is Your Business

August 17, 2019
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We were on site at the SOUTHERN NEVADA NAIOP August Program. The title was What Happens in Carson City is Your Business – a Legislative Update.

SHAWN DANOSKI and I discuss our Takeaways from this program.

The moderator was Mitch Fox, President & CEO of the Nevada Broadcasters Association.

The panelists included:

Panels like this don’t just put themselves together. The crown jewel of member benefits for NAIOP is its government advocacy. At the helm of the GA Committee is Jay Heller, and NAIOP lobbyists from Fennemore Craig, Jon Leleu and the magnificent Kerrie Kramer (congrats on being admitted into DLI!)

Every other year the Nevada Legislature is in session. On any given session NAIOP tracks hundreds of bills that can positively or negatively impact the commercial real estate development industry. They work with elected officials to advocate for this industry.

It’s a tough job, so NAIOP’s gotta do it!

What were some of our Takeaways?

• Its a pluralistic world, help someone hurt someone else?
• For the busy professional there is NAIOP to advocate for the industry?
• Could medical care be the big next issue to solve?

I hope you enjoy!

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