Takeaways Podcast – S3:E36 – Noa Peri-Jensch: Manage Change so Change Doesn’t Manage You

March 25, 2020
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I am blessed to be around remarkable people. There are always Takeaways to learn. That is what I am sharing on this podcast.

Takeaways – Life. Lessons. Learned. explores learning from the wisdom of others.

During the attacks of 9/11, Noa Peri-Jensch, was the head of Training and Development for Marriott Intentional in Europe. She was notified of the attack after the first plane hit. Noa and her team gathered around a small TV in the cafeteria to watch the news. That’s when the second plane hit. Her immediate response was to jump into work mode. To focus on what she could control. Her co-worker, Claudia, had a different response. She went into shock.

I had a breakfast meeting scheduled with Noa on March 13th. We decided it was better to have a call instead. Similar to the weeks after 9/11, waves of change washed over our nation and local community. School districts closed causing working parents to transform into teachers overnight. Governors ordered non-essential businesses to close causing every company in the world to make a shift.

Today, Noa is the National Senior Director of Strategy and Director of the Las Vegas Region of Israeli American Council (IAC) However, this episode was not about her role with the IAC. This episode is about Noa’s experiences as a leadership consultant. We cover a broad range of topics that I hope are useful for you during these times. Noa talked about types of change, the difference between fear and anxiety, coping mechanisms, strategies for change and much more.

What else can you learn from a person like Noa? Here are just a few of the Takeaways that we discussed on this episode.

  • Which words do you need to eliminate or replace from your vocabulary right now?
  • It’s not about what you have. It’s not about what you do. It’s about who you are.
  • What are the steps to take to manage yourself during these times?

As an added bonus, here are links to the books that Noa mentions in this episode.


Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes – William Bridges

Navigating Through Change – Harry Woodward 

I hope you enjoy!

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