Takeaways Podcast – S3:E42 – Rod Santomassimo: Discipline or Regret which Pain do you Prefer

May 04, 2020
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Takeaways – Life. Lessons. Learned. explores learning from the wisdom of others.

This is a special edition of Takeaways. I am committed to helping my fellow commercial real estate agents thrive during these times. You can find a new post every day from April 1st to April 30th on my Facebook and LinkedIn. If you need motivation or new ideas take a look. I am here to help!

Rod Santomassimo created his own category in the commercial real estate coaching space. There is simply no one else that is doing what he and his team are doing at The Massimo Group. I have purchased all 3 of his books, subscribe and read his blog, and have put agents through his New 2 Business program. It is clear that I am a fan.

Over the course of my 30-day commitment to help my fellow #cre agents who needed motivation, new ideas, or a kick in the tuchas, I gave out Rod’s name more than any other. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have him on Takeaways.

Listen in or watch as we discuss what Rod is seeing from agents across the country during this crisis. He shares how he persevered the loss of his best friend and job at the time, how to overcome impostor syndrome and, a fantastic Jim Rohn quote! 

What else can you learn from a person like Rod? Here are just a few of the Takeaways that we discussed in this episode.

  • The three reactions he’s seen from agents across the country. 
  • How the same strategy he used for his book 9 years ago can be deployed today by a new agent for property sales. 
  • What are the three C’s it takes to be successful?

I hope you enjoy!

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