Takeaways Podcast – S4:E46 – NAIOP January Program: Developer Roundtable – A 2021 Kickoff

April 07, 2021
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The last time we shared a NAIOP Program Takeaways was February 2020. We’re back!! This is the first in a series of 3 episodes covering the January, February, and March NAIOP Programs. They all tie together like a Netflix series.

But before we get into all that, I am delighted to introduce my co-host Marianna Hunnicutt with Kimley Horn. More on Marianna at the intro in this episode.

We spend the first few minutes talking about all the plates the NAIOP Programs Committee spins each month to organize the most dynamic, timely and relevant programs in the commercial real estate industry. If you want to skip to the actual programs recap jump to 17:05.

The program was fire! As the kids say these days. The title was Developer Roundtable – A 2021 Kickoff. The sponsor that morning was Compass Development.

The developers included:

We did things a little differently for this program. Instead of assigning someone as moderator we just let the Developers talk to each other. The result was a rich conversation that covered a spectrum of topics from the status of the restaurant industry to scarcity of land.

What were some of the Takeaways?

• What are the critical differences from Southern Nevada to neighboring/competing markets?
• How the history of institutional capital (or lack of) is surprising for a market like Las Vegas?
• Why are land constraints such a big deal?

I hope you enjoy!

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